Get hold of the future 

Here you can find exciting cases and templates for download, which you can use as you wish.

Get 5 trendcards and a quickguide on how to use them 

What you get right away:
A PDF that you can print or save. 
The guide is for anyone interested in using trends to set a direction for the future. 
It may be beneficial to repeat the exercises and use the guide several times.
Use it like this:
  • Print the PDF
  • Start with the trend you think is most relevant
  • Review the questions
  • Complete your reflections
  • Reflect on your new perspective
  • The guide can also be used as a group task with your team
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Danish E-book "Visual thinking - rent praktisk" -by Louise Lind

  • Print or save the PDF
  • Find your notebook
  • Find a podcast or similar, that you want to take visual notes from
  • Follow the easy tips and tricks in the book
Download e-book here

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